Tuesday, January 18, 2011

challenges : Day 04

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Its always hard for me to memorize a person's name+face if we didnt attach in any job related assignments or if we didnt stand chances to communicate for several times. i'd love to think its just a kind of weakness for some people like me. how i wish it can be considered as something we just cant avoid, and we cant do anything about that.. but i know its not true..

yes we can try to change that. its all about habits right?

well, to take it positively.. it happens because of my habit. i admit that i'm not always giving my 100% focus for any new faces around me. yes, definitely its all about me. and i really wish i have a sharp mind to input any new faces, names, positions and all related stuff as soon as i meet him/her in the first place.

gosh.. i wish i can be more focus and smart by day! yes, i need that skills badly coz i met new faces almost everyday!! they are seniors, top managers, important peoples! it kills me to recall their identity everytime i need to address them properly!

i used to have a small note book which i put names for new acquaintances. i note down few keywords referring to one name. it works for a while.. and you can guess what happened after that. hehehe... lazy me!

well.. i wish i can stick to be 100% focus during works.. yeah it sounds quite impossible for normal people like me right? ahahaha...

hmm, i wish this, i wish that.. bla bla bla.. take action girl!! (its the voice within me! ;p)

p/s: en suami penah pesan makan kismis hari2 ;)