Thursday, February 18, 2010

a vow

Too many unexpected things today...

Rasanya perlu lebih kesyukuran dgn apa yg dimiliki hari ini..
Perlu lebih kelembutan untuk menerima apa pun yg bakal terjadi...
Perlu lebih keyakinan utk menghadapi segala kemungkinan yg menanti...

i knew everything will not going to b the same if we didnt meet in the first place. so i might say i'm blessed with that last 'separation'. with that heartbreak, i learned to open my heart for someone else - which i never taught will seal my heart... once again. its a beautiful thing - mending a broken heart, little by little.. and found a courage thru someone else. life is juz a mistery...

People came n leave something to b remembered.. but without sharing, it'll be forgotten. without reminiscing, a lessons cant be learned... a story will never have the perfect ending...

To find someone who can share our ugliest side is a blessed from Him. to have his fragile & soft heart despite his 'harsh' or i might say his 'straight' words ;p, i am more than grateful. he's special in so many way.. Alhamdulillah..

i might hurt a person n never realised that forever... who knows rite? i hope if theres any, i'm forgiven..

today, i made a vow to myself - i'll try my best not to hurt my beloved ones.. i'll be more considerate and understanding.. giving more love and smile.. in this hectic time, its hard but i'll try my best.. please pray for me. thank you ;)


  1. the best of luck to you.
    experience does apply in moving forward. sometimes we just have to look back and make sure everything will not fall into wrong places again and again. others, just leave it to the Creator. Allahuakbar

  2. you are so welcome. I hope you do not mind me visiting here. so when is the big day? and who is the lucky guy? or are you the lucky girl? :)

  3. we dint plan anything yet. juz enjoying this journey.. culdnt answr ur ques who is luckier - myb none of us..ahaha ;p r u married? a girl? myb we cn share tips n tricks! hehe..

  4. good for you.I am not yet married. and I am a guy.Did I write like a girl already?Gosh that's bad if that's so.Hahaha
    I love to read people's blog but I never had one.But I am working on to have one now.Be my blogger fren? (",)

  5. sure, i'd love to be ur blogger frenz - cant wait to read yours! i believe tat you really have a gud writing skills, so plz create ur blog as soon as possible ;) n sorry for my broken language.hehe..btw, where do u came from?