Sunday, February 21, 2010

3 parts

part 1
Terfikir sesuatu yg menjengkelkan.. buat aku diam dan cuba bersabar. that is juz a small matter! so why spinning my head?!!?? STOP and juz do what is beneficial to u!

part 2
People say strangers can be so understanding sometimes.. they tend to be a very good listener. i think i hav to admit that.

i found few strangers via facebook not so long ago n yes, they are so open n sensitive. we can share good memories, opinions.. nice chat also. meeting new people sure will broaden our mind after all, so we can view that from the positive side...

part 3
suddenly i'm craving for sundae! haaihh... will ask him for a treat when hes back frm kl! yeay! :D

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