Thursday, October 7, 2010

my lovely chef

Kemarin plan nak lunch di rumah bersama en suami. so after selesaikan keje saya cepat2 prepare utk pegi buy food. one of our fav which is chicken rice! nyum2. ekspress n sedap..hehe.. nk masak mmg x sempat. so juz to make it happen, he didnt mind having nasi ayam for his lunch.. so we plan it as simple as cn be asalkan dpt lunch bsama at our home sweet home. saaayang suami saye. hehe.. tp nak dijadikan cerita one of my boss asked me to hv a discussion with him on that very moment! fuhh.. dlm hati tersangat berat memikirkan en suami yg tgh tunggu.. so i text him about d situation..

after not-xx-xxxx & healthy discussion, i call my husband and told him tat i'm otw to buy food. but surprisingly dia suruh balik rumah terus. and guess what, he already cooked lunch for us!! its d yummy & delicious ayam masak kicap!! cuma smbil sengih2 dia bgtau... 'abg msak nasi terlebih air.. hehe.. lupa sukatan sbb lama sgt x masak'... hihihi.. x kisah mcm mana hsilnya, sy sgt happy & terharu dgn evry surprise he made!! i'm tooo lucky to hv him as my husband! and i'm tooo thankful to Allah for all the happiness ;D

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